The mission statement:

It is the mission of Genomtec’s Team to ensure that healthcare specialists can make faster and more informed decisions, that the patients can receive almost instant personalised diagnosis and treatment options, and that the healthcare system gets access to an economical and streamlined genetic testing solution.

What future holds?
Ingenuity is in Genomtec’s DNA. Thanks to our expertise in designing genetic assays in SNAAT® technology, we can significantly improve time-to-result of almost any genetic test and, what is presently even more important, utilise standard diagnostic instruments – real time PCR, to deploy on them ultra-fast molecular diagnostic assays. This created the base for or future POCT platform, Genomtec ID. You can learn more about our oncoming true POCT IVD platform following the link here. This innovation is only possible thanks to Genomtec’s bio-engineers, molecular biology diagnosticians and firmware specialists.
Genomtec’s qualities

Genomtec’s qualities
We are relentless.
We are focused on quality.
We innovate IVD segment.
We are Genomtec, provider of
the best diagnostic experience
for everyone.

The Team

The Genomtec team consists of outstanding people, experts with unique specialisations who, thanks to their open-mindedness and imagination are able to create both unconventional and innovative solutions. Owing to the diversity of their knowledge and expertise they are able to effectively combine classic molecular diagnostics standards with the latest achievements in technology, chemistry and bioengineering.


We are a team of experts specializing in narrow fields of science who thanks to open-mindedness and imagination create unconventional, innovative solutions. Our effort to deliver innovative diagnostic laboratory products has been recognised internationally.


RNA preparation

The first stage involves extraction of SARS-CoV-2 RNA from investigated samples using commercially available kits. Please follow manufacturer’s instruction. All frozen RNA samples  and reagents must be thawed and kept on ice. Ensure proper mixing of samples and reagents, then centrifuge briefly to collect liquid at the bottom of the tube or sample plate. Proceed to stage 2.


RT-LAMP preparation

Briefly, make sure all controls (positive, negative, internal control) are prepared and run with samples. Mix adequate reagents of the kit(s) with sample and controls (follow detailed procedure enclosed in the IFU), seal the plate and centrifuge. The plate is now ready for run on a real time PCR instrument.


PCR instrument setup and run

You can use any calibrated thermal cycler with FAM channel (green dye) detection that can operate in total reaction volume of 20 µl. The amplification requires 20 minutes at constant temperature, with denaturation at the final step. Please follow setup and run details enclosed in IFU.

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